Expertice Services

ReSiTec specialises in powder-liquid recovery and upgrading. We handle powder in various forms, solutions and sizing. Our pilot plant is ideal for developing new processes, products and equipment.


Areas of expertise:


  • Powder-liquid separation
  • Crushing and milling
  • Wet and dry classification
  • Chemical treatment and flotation
  • Drying of powders
  • Distillation and evaporation


ReSiTec has a well equipped Laboratory for powder characterization and analysis.


Complete overview of our lab equipment is found here!



Our experienced team also offer services within industrial design, engineering and commissioning/start-up.


Process and product development
- Process design
- Bench scale testing
- Analytical particle characterization

Process verification
- Pilot testing
- Capacity studies
- Product quality
- Process flow and mass balances

- Engineering
- Project execution
- Commissioning and start up
- Operational support.






(minerals, metals and suspensions)

- Campaign trials

- Toll production

- Recycling services